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The industry’s first prequalification tool that uses real data for real results…Resident Prequal looks at actual consumer data through a “soft” credit inquiry in an effort to identify high risk applicants prior to you even showing the unit. Yes, know before you show! Residentprequal.com will save you time, frustration and money. Approximately 35% of your traditionally screened rental applicants are being declined for items that can be vetted prior to the prospect even viewing your available unit.

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Get the information you need to better qualify your prospect leads.

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Layout gives a quick overview of the applicant activity for your property.

In addition to searching for adverse credit items that are indicative of delinquent rental payment behavior, Resident Prequal also conducts an in-depth national eviction search. Incorporating both the review of high risk credit data and a national eviction search presents Resident Prequal as the new breed in applicant risk mitigation.

Resident Prequal.com turns data into knowledge
and knowledge into profitable renters.


Industry Specific Features

Screening Tools

Resident Prequal evaluates mission critical data points that have a direct correlation on whether or not a prospective renter is best suited for your rental while at the same time, not hurting your applicant’s credit. Resident Prequal is not a “hard” credit inquiry service like your traditional applicant screening request. Resident Prequal obtains your applicant’s approval at the time of being prequalified allowing for a “soft” credit inquiry on them. Your applicants will thank you!

Data that matters, quickly identify if your prospective renter:

  • Owes a previous landlord money
  • Has past due utilities
  • Has an eviction filing or judgment
  • Can afford your monthly rent
  • Has a high risk credit score

Risk Management - Special Offers

Resident Prequal immediately prequalifies applicants for concessions, move-in specials and rental amount affordability based on your property’s unique prequalification criteria.

Stop wasting time, immediately let your prospect know if they qualify for a move-in special and for what monthly rental amount they can afford without even running a hard credit inquiry on them.

For ease of risk management, prospects are categorized into three groups:

  • Prequalified
  • On The Edge
  • Wait List

Responsive Design

You can view the data for screening results on a mobile device as easily as viewing on a desktop.


Get prequalified – stand out from the crowd!

With Resident Prequal, you can stand out from other applicants interested in the same rental by becoming Resident Certified. With landlords each having their own rental acceptance policies, wouldn’t it be nice to know before you waste your time and hurt your credit?

  • Discover ahead of time any concerns your prospective landlord may have
  • Know just how much rent you can comfortably afford
  • Qualify for the best incentives
  • Residentprequal.com does not harm your credit

Residentprequal.com is a “soft inquiry” on your credit file and will not affect your credit score!

Visit the leasing office with confidence; fill out their traditional rental application for final acceptance to your new home.


About Resident Prequal

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Residentprequal.com, a division of The Screening Pros, LLC is in an industry leader of applicant risk mitigation within the multi-family housing market. With over 25 years of applicant screening experience, The Screening Pros is proud to introduce the next generation in applicant risk mitigation. The Screening Pros has always been committed to developing the industry’s most innovative approach to evaluating applicant risk, and now through incorporating consumer credit protection methods, Resident Prequal is the product to use. Residentprequal.com, currently a patent pending product is the next evolution in applicant risk mitigation.

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